We are looking for awesome people to join our team. You may have a degree and a ton of experience, but we don’t care. We are way more interested in working with cool people that care about doing kick-ass work!

We Are Looking For A…

Digital Marketing Ninja

Do you want to teach Google the meaning of the word RESPECT?!?

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Craftsman/Craftswoman. We are looking for the person who wakes up excited about the cool shit you get to do everyday! We are not looking for someone who “can do” Digital Marketing…If your experience is encompassed by outsourcing to a far away land…this is NOT the job for you. We want the person who loves the work, loves the challenge and loathes those that would disrespect their profession with half-ass work.

We are looking for Kick-Ass!

If this sounds like you…read on.

The Details:

This team member must have a solid understanding of the entire Digital Marketing ecosystem and the relationships that all channels have with one another. More specifically, you must have in-depth experience optimizing for search.

The Requirements:

Expert Proficiency with Google Analytics
Proficiency with WordPress
Proficiency Creating/Executing Link Strategies
Proficiency Planning/Managing Content Strategies
Proficiency with Ahrefs
Familiarity with Data Studio
Familiarity with Google Ads

Non-Negotiable Requirement:

You must be capable of developing and executing on an optimization strategy that will measurably improve business metrics. You have to be able to learn about our client’s business goals and create a plan that will help them reach those goals. Not fluffy, vanity metrics. Real ROI.

Next Steps:

If you made it this far, and you know that this is your job, and you’ll be damned if anyone is going to take it from you…email us below and we will schedule your proficiency test.


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