We are looking for awesome people to join our team. You may have a degree and a ton of experience, but we don’t care. We are way more interested in meeting cool people that care about doing great work…We will help teach you the rest!

We Are Looking For A…

Kick-Ass Developer

Atomic is looking for a Kick-Ass Web Developer to join our team and help build out of this world, mind blowing websites. No really, if you can make laser beams go off when you click submit you are TOTALLY in!

We don’t care if you have a degree, or have had 1000 jobs. What we DO want is a person who KNOWS how to create an awesome website AND is willing to figure out what you don’t know in order to deliver for clients. Oh, and you must have fun doing it!

Here’s how we’d describe our perfect fit:
You are an innovative thinker who knows the basics of web development: HTML, CSS, BEER, Java, and basic design principles. Profficient with WordPress and knowledgeable in Shopify. Your websites not only look fabulous, but they are functional and drive conversions. You THRIVE on figuring it out and finding the best solution to the problem.

You want to build something incredible and are willing to put the work in to reach success. You are creative, independent and have a love for learning. You’re a self-starter and problem solver. You communicate openly, share your ideas and don’t shy away from feedback. You challenge both yourself and others around you. No matter the client, you can develop and immerse yourself into the brand and product that leaves you feeling a bit dissociative.

As for the “other” stuff, any knowledge in Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and setting up CRMs would be great! If not, guess what…You’re going to learn. The internet is everywhere, and as the resident tech guru, you will pretty much run the internet of things.

A few unspoken rules when creating the most kickass websites of your life; sliders kill kittens, “Word doc” bullet points cause forest fires, and “Can your grandma figure out how to use this website?”

You will be quizzed on the best movies ever created (as decided by us) and you will be prescribed a cinema to do list if you do not pass. Oh, and you must have a sense of humor. If not, I’m sorry and you should not go any further.

What can we say, you’re a rockstar. You do work you’re proud of, that your team is proud of, and clients go bragging to their friends about. You can put up with, and even at times, enjoy the troublemakers you’re so fortunate to call co-workers.

Are you so excited you can hardly stand it? WE ARE TOO! Apply today. “If you ain’t first, you’re last!”
(please tell me you know that, p-a-l-e-a-s-e-e-e-e).


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