Sparkle Farts Meets Fred

Sparkle Farts: Hey. What’s up?

Fred Rogers: Sup?

SF: Ok. Let’s jump right in…Tell me about yourself:

FR: I’m originally from Tennessee. I like long walks, short stories and mid century modern furniture…Short legs make it so much easier to jump up and down. I’m a working dog, and my friends call me Mr. Mustache. 

SF: Mr. Mustache?

FR: Yeah, I got a bad haircut from a drunk vet. 

SF: I “hair” you…These things happen. We won’t pour salt on that wound.

So what are you into these days?

FR: Well, this cold weather can suck my hairy feet, but even more when someone steals your sweater. I gotta say I’ve been just trying to keep myself entertained when I’m stuck inside. You know my Dad, right?

SF: Of course.

FR: Well, I’ve been waking this happy idiot up at like 6am by jumping on his face…it’s hilarious. 

SF: Sounds like fun.

FR: The best part, when I lick him in the face he doesn’t even know that I just finished licking my butt.

SF: That is funny. Let’s switch gears…What are you playing on repeat at the house?

FR: You can always find Post Malone at the top of my playlist, but guilty pleasure…Doja Cat! I can’t get enough. Need to Know, Kiss Me More, You Right, Women…I love it all.   

SF: Nice! Ok, we are a little short on time, so last question…Who you got in the game tonight?

FR: I’ve got to be down with “Who Dey” tonight. Too good of a story to not get behind it. 

SF: I get that, but I’ve got to pull for my cousins The Rams. You want to throw down a little side bet.

FR: No thanks, I’ve got a little gambling addiction that I’m working on. 

SF: Ok, well we will just kill it there. Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us today!

FR: My pleasure. Thanks for having me. 

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