My Favorite IPAs Today


By: Gayle Rogers, Founder of Atomic 

I like beer. Maybe more than I should, especially since I passed my 40th birthday…it really seems like every beer I drink might as well have been poured directly around my waist.

That said, today I was driving around (not drinking) and I thought it would be cool to write about my favorite beers. And then I remembered…I can do whatever I want.

So where to begin? Why not with IPAs. And with that, here are my three favorite IPAs…today.

Quick disclaimer…I’m not a beer expert and I can’t tell you everything about hops, or the flavors and aromas. This is just a list of what tastes good.

The Exceptional Everyday IPA

Devil’s Harvest Breakfast IPA – 4.9% ABV – 40 IBU

From the Southern Prohibition Brewery in Hattiesburg Mississippi, this is technically a session IPA (I think) and I don’t believe anyone makes a better one. There are a lot that are less expensive and lower in calories and AVB, but none that taste as good.

By the way, everything else they make is pretty damn good too.

The Easy Drinking IPA

Gulf Coast American IPA – 6% ABV – 65 IBU

Ghost Train Brewery in Birmingham AL made a decision during the Covid lock down to reduce all their six-packs to $7.99 each and while that was smart marketing move, it was also a reminder that we needed to support our local Alabama breweries. Which quite frankly is such an easy decision when a beer tastes this good. The Gulf Coast IPA is is almost too easy drinking…Take it easy.

The Big Boy Pants IPA

Lagunitas Super Cluster IPA – 8% ABV – 60 IBU

Based in Petaluma, CA, Lagunitas is a pretty well known brand. I can’t say that I love every beer they make, and I try my best to support local smaller breweries, but this is a really good beer and a really good value. (I have taken a stand against the rising cost of beer and I’ve started my own personal boycott of the $18.00 4-pack.) At $8.99 there aren’t a whole lot of other beers that can give you the bang for the buck.

What The Hell Does This Have To Do With Digital Marketing?

Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t care. I just love the fact that I can write about whatever is on my mind and share it with any one that wants to listen! I hope it was worth the read for you, and you get a chance to try these out one of these exceptional brews…if you are so inclined.

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