500 Local Home Service Providers Tell Us Their Digital Marketing Secrets

We interviewed 500 roofers, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, remodelers, and HVAC techs to learn their most powerful digital marketing secrets and behold the ultimate list. 

But first, this is how we compiled and organized the information. We asked each participant to rank in order their top four marketing tactics from the alphabetical list below, plus if they wanted to include any comments they could.

  1. Backlinks/Link Building
  2. CRM & Analytics
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Local Optimization
  5. Mobile Optimized Website
  6. Paid Search
  7. Social Marketing

Here are the results:


Let’s review each one:


Local Optimization

We can’t say we were surprised to see this one as the winner. This is such an effective tactic and doesn’t take a massive investment to optimize. This is where your customers are right now looking for your products and services, so getting this right can make a big difference in your results. 

“Once we got all our info setup on the Google listing and started posting regularly, the calls started coming in more frequently.”

– Oak Mountain Glass


Social Marketing

This one was a little bit of a surprise, initially, but when you put everything else on the table it makes a lot of sense. The cost of entry is low when done in house, but there is also so much flexibility and complexity if you want to go full service. You can work both branding and lead generation on the same platforms, and have a lot of transparency into what is working and what is not.

“When we went all in on promoting service contracts on social it made a huge difference, especially in the slow months.” 

– Mayweather HVAC


Mobile Optimized Website

We definitely thought this one would be a little lower down the list. But as one respondent said, “We’d be stupid not to get this right. Almost 70% of the people who find us do it on their phone.”

– Taylor Electric

We couldn’t agree more…What’s the point of spending a bunch of money to send people to a website that looks like crap on mobile and doesn’t convert leads well?


Paid Search

I think we expected this one to be higher up the list, but with the way Google is making it harder and harder for non-experts to manage budgets and bidding effectively, it isn’t a surprise that so many home service providers are putting their money elsewhere.

“Buying clicks is an important part of our digital, but Google sure is trying hard to make us hate it.” – J&A Plumbing

We still believe this is an effective element to any local marketing strategy, but it’s definitely not the main course anymore. 


Email Marketing

By nature of a vote, not every tactic can win, but we were surprised to see such a drop off for email marketing. As effective as email marketing has been for our clients, we really thought this would be a much more competitive contender. 


Backlinks/Link Building

Considering the difficulty and cost associated with proper link building, we expected this to be lower down the list. It’s not that the tactic isn’t effective, just that there aren’t as many Home Service providers that have this as a top three focus in their marketing strategy.

“Getting our business info listed everywhere has made a difference for us. We don’t get any leads from most of these sites we’re published on, but it sure did boost up our Google map rankings fast.” – A & A Roofing Service


CRM & Analytics

Certainly from our experience, and the lack of proper use of a CRM & analytics, this was the least surprising result. That said, if you aren’t prioritizing the use of a CRM and customized analytics to help inform your digital marketing spend, then you are likely wasting dollars somewhere. 


There You Have It

The secret marketing strategy used by your collegues and competitors to outrank, out flank and out work their competition. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to emplment any of the tactics & strategies, don’t hezitate to drop us a line. 


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