Our Mission

Is To Be

100% Awesome.

A Focus on Small Changes That Make the Biggest Impact 

We fixes problems, not symptoms. And, we often find that some of the simplest and smallest “fixes” can make the biggest impact in people’s lives. 

Most businesses don’t need to spend more money, they need smarter strategies and more efficiency. They need a better agency. They need Atomic.

Lisa Hall

Lisa Hall

Partner/Growth Marketing

She looks sweet, and she is, but cross her and it’s over. Seriously…

It’s kinda of a shame to try and put her skill set in a bucket. She can do anything, and has to try and keep us from asking her to do everything. If we had 10 Lisa’s it wouldn’t be enough.

(Yes, we are pretty sure she is married to Kenny Chesney)



Mary-Kate Laird

Mary-Kate Laird

Partner/Inbound Marketing

First and foremost, she is not here to play games with you. Especially if you are reaching for her IPA.

She can literally do so many things better than us, that it’s not fair to list them out, so let’s just list the most important. Her Social/Inbound Marketing are second to none. Period.




It would be unjust not to give credit where credit is due. And Beer helps us, help you!

We know…it rhymes… 


Mindy Dent

Mindy Dent


She makes us show up on time. She makes new rules…like, all the time, and we actually get in trouble when we don’t follow them.

She’s also the engine that makes this machine work. We couldn’t ROCK without her. 


Gayle Rogers

Gayle Rogers


Gayle started Atomic to create kick-ass digital marketing and have as much fun as possible in the process.

He is all in on high fives, beer and doing something awesome today.

(Yes, the helmet is an everyday thing. He is a danger to himself and others.)


Interested in joining our team?

We are always looking for great people and inspired problem solvers. 


It was us.

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